I worked with Cheryl for assistance & support relative to leadership development initiatives and a corporate cultural transformation process. Her ability to assess leader’s behavioral strengths and weaknesses, guide them towards developing action plans designed to improve skills and knowledge that will enable them to reach greater levels of success is spot on. She is an Executive Coach and OD Consultant that is delightful to partner with and learn from. She helped us to successfully transform our culture, improve trust levels and manage some difficult organization changes while keeping employee engagement levels strong. I highly recommend her to any organization that wants to improve leadership skills and create an organizational climate where innovation, high trust levels and engagement flourish.

Angela Thompson, MBA, SPHR

VP of Human Resources and Support Services, IU Health

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Cheryl a few years ago when Cheryl was my Executive Leadership Coach and I was highly impressed by her professionalism, positive way of delivering the message and most of all, knowing that you have a person, one can always fall back to in time of coaching, guidance and need. Cheryl is very articulate and very dedicated to her work, a wealth of knowledge and coached me in developing my leadership skills and enhancing their qualities. I’m forever grateful for her coming into my career path.

Joao Mendonca

Hotel Director, Royal Caribbean Cruises

As the AVP of Global Learning and Organizational Development at Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, I partnered with Cheryl for 12 years. I sought her expertise with Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Strategic Planning and Organizational Development initiatives. Cheryl coached many of our leaders who either needed targeted skill or leadership development, onboarding support or guidance relative to future advancement within the organization. Cheryl was instrumental in designing and delivering a key aspect of the High Potential Program for emerging leaders world-wide. The week-long training & developmental business simulation program combined with coaching enabled our top 50 leaders to fill a strong talent pipeline for succession planning. Cheryl was a great business partner. She was collaborative, knowledgeable and experienced. I would highly recommend her to any leader or organization that wants to increase their success through improving leadership capabilities.

Sonia Diaz-Del Oro, CPC

AVP Global Learning and Organizational Development, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd.

I have had the pleasure of working with Cheryl as my Executive Coach. She helped me make an effective transition into a leadership role. Cheryl is skilled at delivering constructive and helpful feedback that enabled me to develop practical action plans for increased success, which focused on both my strengths and development opportunities. Our partnership elevated my understanding and skills relative to how I could better team with others and deliver results pertinent to my new role and responsibilities. Cheryl held me accountable, listened effectively and had the background and knowledge to facilitate my leadership development goals and process. She was a pleasure to work with and I recommend her to others who are wanting to more effectively lead themselves and their teams forward.

John Hartz

Benefits Consultant

I have worked with Cheryl since 2006. She has provided Executive Coaching, Team & Organizational Development Consulting, Cultural Assessments & Improvement Interventions, Strategic Planning and other services that have aided in our organizational success. Cheryl works to gain an in-depth understanding of critical business needs inside an organization and then develops a customized approach designed to ensure that the business goals will be successfully realized when the power of employee commitment & leadership effectiveness is harnessed. Cheryl is a focused, skilled and enjoyable business partner that delivers results

Jon Loftin

President & COO, MJ Insurance

Cheryl has been a business partner to me over the past 13+ years. She has led many initiatives relative to the development of of our leaders, teams and our organizational culture. Cheryl has frameworks, tools, resources and assessments that help a business be increasingly more successful. Her expertise in Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Strategic Planning and Facilitation have been instrumental to me as I’ve led organizational change efforts, succession planning processes and worked to improve organizational effectiveness through a strategic approach. Her partnership serves to aid in overall accountability and follow through on our action plans and goal attainment. Cheryl is a pleasure to work with and a trusted advisor.

John Cardenas

President & General Manager, WBNS-10TV

When selecting an Executive Coach, chemistry and fit are very important in the success of the engagement. You must feel that you can trust your coach, rely on your coach and get honest, helpful feedback, that enables you to grow and develop your professional leadership skills. I knew in my first meeting with Cheryl that she would be a helpful business partner in my developmental experience. She listened effectively & worked to understand my career interests, my professional challenges and my developmental objectives which in turn enabled us to draft practical action plans that I could implement immediately towards the accomplishment of my goals as the CHRO at TECO Energy. I went on to refer Cheryl to other Executives within the organization who also benefited from her customized coaching process. I recommend Cheryl to any leader who is wanting to achieve more professional success.

Clint Childress

SVP of Corporate Services and Chief Human Resource Officer, TECO Energy

Cheryl worked with me for the past year as an Executive Coach helping me to transition successfully into my new role. As I strived to effectively lead my team, align with my boss’s expectations and create a strategic plan and vision for the future, I relied on Cheryl’s expertise to help guide my efforts. Cheryl offered helpful and constructive feedback. She brought tools, models and recommendations that I could apply immediately. She initiated leadership assessments that aided in my learning and development and she facilitated planning sessions that brought to light key areas of focus for me and my team to target. Cheryl also assisted me in ensuring that critical conversations with key stakeholders were effective and productive. I’ve enjoyed working with her and believe I’ve grown professionally and am more prepared for future success because of our business partnership.

Kelly Frank

Director of News & Digital Content, WBNS-TV

I’ve worked with Cheryl over two decades and watched her evolve her incredible skills and sensitives about leadership, teams, trust, culture and strategic development – and I have seen her gifts emerge and blossom. When she became immersed in our Conversational Intelligence Methodologies in 2015, she not only blossomed, she became a role model for the 1,000 coaches in our Conversational Intelligence for Coaches Program. She is a master! And I am grateful to know her and work with her!

Judith Glaser

CEO, Benchmark Communications, Inc.

Spending time working with Cheryl will be one of the best investments you will ever make. Cheryl is methodical, insightful and has a great instinct for using just the right tools and methods to help her clients achieve their goals. She has a great presence and fills the room with energy. She is a trusted colleague, advisor and motivator to me and many others.

Terri Taylor

VP, Marketing & Corporate Communications

Cheryl is an experienced, highly skilled executive coach and organization consultant.

I have collaborated with her on numerous projects across a wide range of clients: she is both enjoyable to work with and is extremely capable/versatile.

She is among the very best coaches that an organization can engage.

Jerry Toomer

Organization Consultant; Executive Partner, Butler University, College of Business

Cheryl is smart, insightful, and articulate while possessing a keen transformational change focus while delivering value-added counsel in a surprisingly wide variety of business models and industries. Surprising only because she is relatively young compared to most of her peers. I have seen her first-hand achieve remarkable success working with conservative, button-down bank executives; I have observed her help more loosely-run hospitality executives by encouraging a disciplined approach to succession planning that greatly enhanced their professional growth while helping the company achieve top-line objectives; and I have partnered with her as she captured the imagination, and then stirred into action, a room full of broadcast executives when she delivered a knock-your-socks-off keynote address. She remains uniquely gifted when working one-on-one with any talented, driven executive in need of a good strategic coach – she encourages, she motivates, she demands superior performance from them – and she gets it. Cheryl’s positive impact is easy to see, as her client companies are happy and long-term, and so many of her former clients have converted to loyal and lasting friends.

Jonathan Jerden

Principal, Millennia Consulting Group

As I prepare to engage on my international job assignment, I have been reflecting on the events leading up to this exciting opportunity and I credit my executive coaching engagement with Cheryl Good as being a key contributor. When I decided to engage a coach, I had limited experience with the process and I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical as to what benefits might come and how long they might take to materialize.

Any skepticism was short-lived. Even before our first session ended, I remember being amazed at the clear and measurable value Cheryl was bringing to the table and how pleasant it was to engage in her high-energy, encouraging and fun personality. Since then, I continue to be impressed with Cheryl’s timely and creative access to a broad inventory of tools and exercises that often appear customized to my particular situation.

Steve Corwell

Senior Vice President – Corporate Affairs, Public Utility

During the past several years we have benefited from Cheryl’s expertise in a number of ways. She introduced us to a Management Model that allows every individual to better understand their roles and what is expected from them. We can use this model to increase accountability for results, provide clarity to applicants and communicate goals and standards.

The assessments, tools, resources, training and development that she provided has enabled us to more effectively manage our employees by reducing conflict, managing change, staff motivation, improved employee relations, increase meeting effectiveness and ultimately improve overall productivity.

I look forward to our continued partnership with Performance Solutions and believe that Organizational Development consulting is very important to our organization.

Michael Bill

CEO, Insurance Agency

The time I invested in the Executive Coaching Engagement with Cheryl was extremely beneficial. I am very excited about sharing the knowledge and techniques I have learned with others in my organization who are trying to position themselves as great leaders.

Kelly Endres

Senior Vice President, Banking Organization

Thank you for a tremendous year acting as my executive coach. You provided me a great learning experience and opportunity to see myself from many new and important perspectives.

Your professionalism and experience shows in everything you do. You showed an amazing ability to quickly gain and communicate meaningful insights. Most importantly, you challenged and inspired me to continue to improve continuously in the future.

Gordon Gillette

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Public Utility

I would recommend Cheryl Good as an Executive Coach for anyone who is looking to elevate their leadership success. Cheryl works to help you draft meaningful goals and action plans, supports your efforts, provides tools and resources to aid in development and assists in helping you measure your accomplishments. Cheryl’s thoughtful questions, recommendations & guidance, along with her attentive listening skills and leadership development expertise was most helpful to me. I appreciated my partnership with Cheryl and even extended my original engagement so as to continue to benefit from the Coaching experience.  Cheryl combines extraordinary technical competence with genuine care for helping her clients, a perfect combination that will yield optimal results.

Jose Marina

Chief Financial Officer, City National Bank