Performance Solutions Organizational Development Consulting

Overcome Barriers to Performance

The strategic shifts in an organization may be broad and deep, targeted towards addressing growth needs, resetting strategy in the face of a competitive market place or recharging the culture with new ways of working. Change can trigger fear, anxiety, and resistance. I create a safe context for change in ways that reduce resistance and create commitment. Building a culture of mutual ownership, leadership and commitment to results across the organization.

A good consultant answers a client’s questions.  A great consultant questions a client’s answers.  At Performance Solutions, we work in partnership with you to explore, examine, challenge, question and learn.  Together we create a path to move your organization forward.  Each client is unique, and there is seldom only one solution; therefore, we do not prescribe.  We use processes and methodologies that are customized to meet your unique needs.

We ask questions and listen.  We work with you to build strong leaders and facilitate change.  We understand organizational culture and its impact on your efforts.  We are different because we think about your business first, learn it, understand it, and then apply our processes, tools and experience to help you implement necessary change and produce the business results you want.

We measure our success by your success.  We strive to enhance client capabilities that deliver both competitive advantage and bottom-line results.

Our services include:

  • Assessing culture and implementing culture change
  • Developing dynamic leadership teams and addressing conflict and barriers to effectiveness
  • Managing change and facilitating change initiatives