I recently saw the movie “The Man Who Invented Christmas”, a fictionalized account of how Charles Dickens was inspired to write the classic tale, “A Christmas Carol.”

Hard working, laser focused on his mission, frugal in both personal and business matters, Ebenezer Scrooge was by most measures an excellent businessman. What caused Scrooge’s deep unpleasantness, as Dickens shows, is his lack of understanding of the gifts he has received and those he can easily provide.

With Christmas eleven days away, I encourage you to reflect on all of the gifts you already have in your possession. Each of us have many, many gifts to give. As you think back over the past year, have you given those gifts?

What are your gifts? Kindness, Generosity, Empathy, Humor, Encouragement, Love, Appreciation, Understanding… and more.

Regardless of the business or industry that you work in, leaders are in the business of people. The people business is about giving away our personal gifts to others in order to facilitate better relationships built on trust.

One gift that I’d like to give all of the people that I interact with in the coming year is the gift of listening…listening to connect.  This is one of the key principles in Conversational Intelligence.

Listening to connect is about genuine curiosity, it’s about being judgement-free, it’s other-centric, it’s about caring, it’s about selflessness, it’s about breeding trust with others.

This time of year can be hectic. Our schedules can be extremely full. Our “to do” list a mile long.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of this busy season, I hope you take time to reflect on the gifts you gave this past year and the gifts that you give in the year ahead. These gifts are what enable relationships to thrive.

So, banish your inner Scrooge! I wish everyone a joyous holiday season and a wonderful new year!

Cheryl Good is one of only 250 Executive Coaches in the world who is certified in Conversational Intelligence. Learn more at her website www.CherylGood.com or contact her at PerformanceSolutions@CherylGood.com for information about how to increase accountability to results, heighten organizational performance and increase employee engagement.